Badmashian check kero abhi to bhai SPEAKER hai sirf..

SWABI: Mediators have expressed optimism about the chances of an early settlement of a row between brother of the provincial assembly’s speaker and additional assistant commissioner.
On Monday, members of a jirga, who had extensive negotiations with both sides, said AAC Khaliqdad Khan and Speaker Asad Qaisar’s brother Adnan Khan would bilaterally settle the row over a clash soon.
Adnan Khan had clashed with Khaliqdad Khan when the latter refused to free three butchers arrested for violating law.
The police had booked Adnan for the clash on the complaint of AAC.

Police have booked Asad Qaisar’s brother over a clash with AAC

PTI leader Rangaiz Khan said the speaker didn’t involve himself in the matter and even asked the administration to take necessary action if his brother was involved in violation of law.
Another brother of the speaker, Waheed Khan, said the incident was unfortunate and such incidents shouldn’t happen in future.
“We’ll help the administration implement the government policies and live up to the people’s expectations,” he said.
MNA Aqibullah Khan, who is also the brother of the speaker, said it was the PTI government, which has given a freehand to the district administration to deal with the case.
“We welcome and support the jirga for coming forward to settle the row,” he said.

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