SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEARE: 'Newlywed' Imran here to seek blessing of ex Jemima

Always pleased to see her ex-husband Imran Khan, heiress Jemima Goldsmith was particularly keen to speak to the celebrated former cricketer this weekend.
Imran flew to London from his native Pakistan on Saturday to tell Jemima, the 40-year-old daughter of late billionaire Sir James Goldsmith, and their two sons about the new love in his life, Reham Khan.
Last week, I reported that Imran, 62, was said to have secretly wed former BBC weather-girl Reham, 20 years his junior, in Lahore
In response to my story, Imran declared: ‘I want to say that I have publicly expressed my wish to remarry. However, marriage cannot be entered into lightly. Second marriages, especially, need to be considered carefully as children are involved.’
Born in Libya to Pakistani parents, mother-of-three Reham lived in Britain while married to a doctor and worked for the BBC’s South Today programme.
Imran is understood to be spending three days in Britain. His romance is said to have met with opposition from some members of his family and has become a highly contentious topic in Pakistan, where he is a leading politician.
Reham has already been subjected to insults after photos of her in ‘revealing’ clothes and a video of her dancing the tango were posted on the internet in the conservative Islamic country.
Jemima, who has courted foppish actor Hugh Grant and tiresome ‘comedian’ Russell Brand since divorcing Imran ten years ago, has stirred emotions by publicly thanking Pakistanis who contacted her to say she will remain their favourite first lady.
When Sara Khan told her on Twitter: ‘No one can take your place!’ Jemima replied: ‘Ahh. That’s lovely. Thank you x.’
Another of her followers commented acidly: ‘BBC weather lady is good but doesn’t match with Imran Khan calibre.’ 
Jemima, who converted to Islam before marrying Imran in a traditional Muslim ceremony in Paris at the age of 21, told the tweeter: ‘Really touched by these messages.’
Jemima announced last October that she was ditching the Khan name because Imran was soon to remarry.
Imran said their marriage collapsed because it was ‘difficult for Jemima to adapt to life in Pakistan’. Reham, who is said to have political ambitions of her own, should have no such problem.
If David Cameron is booted out of 10 Downing Street at May’s General Election, at least he will have a good party to look forward to back home.
The Prime Minister’s Oxfordshire neighbour, PR man Peter Chadlington, tells me his daughter, Chloe, 29, has become engaged to investment banker Graham Armstrong, 30. 
The Camerons, no doubt, will be invited to the summer wedding.
‘We’re delighted,’ says Lord Chadlington, who in 2011 sold Cameron the plot of land next to his garden for £137,000 — curiously £62,000 above the market value.
David and Samantha attended the 2012 nuptials of the Tory peer’s eldest daughter, Naomi, to Henry Allsopp, brother of TV presenter Kirstie. 
Other guests included the groom’s godmother, the Duchess of Cornwall. Chloe, who works as a nanny, says Graham proposed while on holiday in Sweden: ‘He did get down on one knee.’

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